A Cute Machine!

Last year I picked up this cute teal and red vintage “American Beauty” sewing machine off of the local classifieds.  I originally got it just to have setting in my sewing room for the “cuteness” factor but recently got the idea to see if I could get it cleaned up and put it in my treadle cabinet.  I measured and it looked like it would fit into my treadle that holds Singer machines.IMG_2711

The thing was so gunked up inside I had to tear it all apart to oil it and free it up. Then I had to figure out how to put it back together!  Learned a few new things about the inside of a zig zag machine!


The next issue was it lacked a bobbin case.  After some online research and help from my friends at TreadleOn I discovered the I needed a 1 o’clock bobbin case which happens to be used in some Necchi machine.  Low and behold there are a couple of those in “my herd” so off to the storage unit I went.  Lugged 2 of those heavy suckers back to the house and gave them a whorl.  It worked but the stitching was not good at all :(

Back to my friends at TreadleOn.  People started talking about “timing” and needle bar adjustments.  Oh my something else new!  I tore it apart and went searching for the set screw to adjust the needle bar.  Good grief that thing was not easy to find!  Come to find out it is not on the outer part of the head that is accessible when the machine top is removed, it is actually on the inside (right side) of the needle bar and is accessed through a hole in the machine body!  I loosened it up and had to beat on the needle bar a little to get it to move.  Of course the first thing it does is go all the way down so I pry it back up and all the way up it goes!  GRRRR! I finally get it to stop in the middle and decide to give it a go, as I was told this will be a long process of trial and error to get it right.  Wow!  Beginners luck got it on the first try!  Now it is sewing wonderfully!  What fun to have a cute zig zag machine in my treadle cabinet!  Here it is:



PS  This is a new treadle cabinet I recently got because it is in such nice shape!  It has been refinished.  It came with a 1898 Singer 27 in it! That is one I did not have in my herd.

IMG_2690 IMG_2691

I wanted the nice cabinet to put my treadle machine I use most often in.  A Singer 15-88.  Here is it!


Thanks for checking out my new blog!